Harnessing the Power of Online Communities in 2023

Harnessing the Power of Online Communities in 2023

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and with each passing year, the emphasis on community-building and interconnectedness only grows stronger. Visionary creators and forward-thinking entrepreneurs might wonder: is this the right time to foster an online community? As we approach 2023, all signs point to a resounding 'yes'. This coming year promises untapped opportunities and a rich potential in the realm of online communities.

Kajabi, a renowned platform in the digital community space, has consistently showcased the transformative power of online communities. Their success stories, captured in various testimonies and videos, serve as a testament to how profoundly businesses and individual lives can change when anchored by a strong digital community.

A compelling 41% of US-based creators are currently harnessing their personal websites or blogs, stepping away from the usual confines of social media to engage with their audiences. This shift signifies the growing appeal of private online communities. Such platforms provide creators a chance to establish a unique identity, maximize their influence, and explore diverse revenue streams.

But the scope of online communities isn't just limited to individual creators or coaches. The broader business world is taking note. Recognizing the multitude of advantages that come with a community-centric approach, many enterprises are adapting. Whether the goal is enhancing customer engagement, increasing adaptability in unpredictable scenarios, or building deeper customer relationships, online communities offer solutions. With 2023 on the horizon, indications suggest that the popularity and utility of online communities will experience an upward surge, offering a plethora of choices for those eager to join the movement.

As we stand at the threshold of a promising year, the momentum is building. If there's a perfect moment to kick-start the creation and nurturing of an online community, it's right around the corner. With platforms like Kajabi leading the way with tools and insights, there's no better time to take the plunge.

Why Online Communities are Growing

Across the business landscape, from small startups to large corporations, the drive is towards fostering stronger relationships with consumers. Online communities have emerged as the most effective tools in this endeavor. Going back to 2021, an overwhelming majority of organizations expressed that having a community was crucial to their overarching mission. The subsequent increase in budgets allocated to community-building strategies was a testament to this belief.

Fast forward to 2022, we saw a surge in businesses actively building dedicated community teams. This wasn't just restricted to the corporate world. Content creators, who are often ahead of the curve, were already deeply invested in this. Platforms like Facebook Groups, Slack channels, and of course, Kajabi, have become integral to their community-centric approach. The numbers are staggering. The creator economy boasted of a whopping 50 million active creators in 2022. This count has catapulted from the figures in 2019. Given this trajectory, 2023 is projected to witness an even greater proliferation of online communities.

The benefits are multifaceted. With dedicated online communities, there's an opportunity for creators and coaches to forge deeper connections with their audience. They can efficiently monetize their efforts while retaining full control. The spin-off benefits include enhanced brand loyalty, optimally utilizing growth prospects, and streamlining customer support.

Online Communities vs. Social Media

The relationship between creators and social media platforms has been tumultuous at best. Frequent changes in algorithms have often left creators grappling with dwindling reach and engagement. The monetary implications of this are significant. Many creators have felt the pinch with substantial monetary losses attributed to these unpredictable shifts.

Then there's the risk of sudden account bans or restrictions. Avery Smith's sudden disconnection from his 65,000-strong LinkedIn audience serves as a cautionary tale. Platforms can undergo drastic changes, and in extreme cases, face shutdowns. This unpredictability makes owning and controlling a community so much more appealing.

Moreover, the modern audience is becoming increasingly discerning. The relentless barrage of ads on social media platforms often detracts from genuine connection and interaction. People are on the lookout for genuine, unfiltered interactions. It's here that online communities come into their own, fostering authentic relationships between creators and members.


For creators and entrepreneurs, there's a clear sign on the wall. The year 2023 is ripe for the growth and development of online communities. Platforms like Kajabi stand as strong testimonies to the potential that awaits. The benefits are manifold, ranging from deeper audience engagement to consistent revenue streams. It's a call to action that's hard to ignore.